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The Vermeerseries is inspired by the famous paintings of my  fellow citizen Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675).  This lightweight jewelry is made of lasercut plexiglass.

Necklace Caquetio The approx.  1500 years old patterns are found in Aruban and Curacao caves and pottery, made by  the indigenous island inhabitants, the Caquetio.  In the 16th century  the Spanish colonists brought -for Caquetio deadly- diseases and the surviving Caquetio mixed with the newcomers from Europe and black slaves from the west coast of Africa.

The necklace is black and  gold colored. Black is the hair color of both the Caquetio as that of the slaves. The gold refers to the fact that 20% of the  16th -century gold in Europe was from the Caribbean islands. The shape of this chain refers to the 17th century transatlantic triangular trade between Europe, America and Africa, among which the Dutch slavetrade.

Each necklace is uniquely handpainted, signed and is an exclusive one of a kind.

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